The beginning of something new…

Hello fashionistas,

Since the beginning of 2014, I had wanted to start my own fashion and beauty blog. I have always been a lover for fashion. I remember when I was a little girl I use to love to design my own clothes and would make weekly trips to the fabric store to make dresses and skirts for myself. I am a firm believer that a person can truly express themselves by what they wear. I love showing what kind of mood I am in by the different makeup and clothes I decide to wear on that particular day. I am so glad that the time has finally come and I am pursuing my dream of having my own space where girls of all ages can read my blog and feel inspired on being creative, getting outfit ideas and learning a few new things about fashion and beauty. If I can allow my readers to take one thing away from my blog, it would be that a person does not have to wear high end fashion to feel and look beautiful. Looking good does not mean you have to spend a fortune. I love to mix designer pieces with affordable fashion. I am looking forward to getting to know you all. Let me tell you all a little bit about myself.

About Ashley Bree

I am a twenty- four year old Texas girl now living in Idaho. I am a huge fashionista and shopaholic. I love finding great deals on high end fashion as well as hitting up the clearance rack everywhere I go. I love being able to throw a cute and stylish outfit together. I enjoy styling and coordinating outfits.  I am happily married to my best friend, Bryan. We have been together for five years now. I absolutely love my family and have such a strong focus on being able to connect with my readers, just like I connect with my family. I have my associates degree in general studies and have earned my bachelors degree in political science from The University of Texas at San Antonio. I had aspired to be a lawyer hence why my degree is in political science. Along the way, my hopes and dreams have changed. I am now in graduate school and almost done completing my MBA as well as a master’s degree in Management and Leadership. I am so thankful to God that I have also been offered a Federal Government job working as a contractor. I am excited to begin this new chapter with you all on my blog and get to know some amazing people along the way.